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Google has plans to extend the scope of Google Shopping Express services to all U.S. states. Five months passed after the test that was run within the Bay Aria. Service of goods express delivery has shown himself a worthy competitor to eBay and many other similar services.

The pilot project Google Shopping Express was launched in 2011. The company used its own algorithms and customer reviews to calculate the fastest routes, taking orders and shipment planning. Shopping Express user base has reached several thousand customers a day. The service is powered with 50 electric cars that can guarantee an environmentally safe delivery of goods.

Fast delivery services are a response to the evolution of the buying process with the transition of a large number of customers shopping at online stores and falling sales in small shops of local significance. Additionally, the express delivery services of big companies sell advertising and other services to the small shops that can save significant funds to develop its own logistic services.

Google and eBay are planning to occupy a niche that is not occupied by a market leader Amazon. Amazon can deliver any item within 1-2 days , but many buyers are looking for faster ways of delivery.

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Website or blog monetization is a task that occurs to any website owner or blogger. Sooner or later site owners think of how they can make money on their websites. This applies not only to lucky site owners, but even to users who don’t have a site but understand what is traffic, where it is possible to get it and how to convert it into real money. You do not always need to have a website for that. You may have a stable income earning on affiliate programs.

There are several types of affiliate programs. The classic version of an affiliate program is aimed at generating traffic and transfering it to affiliate site. In this case everything is quite simple. You create a section on your website devoted to particular theme or product or make a separate site for specific search term and cover your site with affiliate banners. There is also an option named doorway that is known as a black SEO method. Such an income was available only to website owners before. But now you can find good specialists in online advertising, that are blowing up traffic to sites of partners through contextual advertising.

There are also so called alternative affiliate programs. They appeared not very long time ago and their aim in fact is not to drive traffic, but simply make visitors do certain things. You receive money for visitors’ action. These affiliate programs are all sorts of ad viewing, when you are simply looking at a site or video ad and get paid. The advantage of such affiliate programs is that you do not depend on traffic and Google, you are doing some work and get your money.

Have you ever heard about White label SEO reseller programs? I’ve never met them before, then I’ve stumbled upon SEO reseller news website several days ago and was really surprised.

If you do everything right you can get rich within any affiliate program. Good luck to you!

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According to stats, mobile internet shows the greatest growth last years. The number of users and the number of services designed for them increases. Due to the fact that mobile phone is different in functionality from computer, it is obvious that internet is increasingly adapting to mobile users.

HTML for mobile phone

Most likely this affects the Hypertext Markup Language – HTML. Frankly speaking, today’s Internet is not too fitted for users of mobile phones. In confirmation of this fact I would like to show you Mobile Directory where mobile friendly sites are listed. Check the page About Mobile Friendly Directory to know more about this website. For example, when speaking about desktop computers it is easy to click on a hyperlink, which is formed in a special way, one click of your mouse – and the page will be opened. It is clear that cell phone provides the ability to click on the link, but still the main purpose of mobile phone is to call.

Hyperlink and sms

On websites you can often see numbers, but current layout does not allow them to provide the user with information the same way as hyperlinks. It means you cannot click on the number, so that your phone began to call, or offer to send an sms / mms. The owner of a phone has no choice but to rewrite a number on a piece of paper (or try to remember), and then dial a phone number that he had seen on the site. Sometimes it is possible to make skype call with just a click of your mouse. But skype is not a mobile phone, it’s a separate application.

Looking for new tags

The introduction of a special tag might solve this problem. There is a slight problem – the tag handles mobile browser, and provides a call or firmware or the operating system gadget. In this regard, it would seem necessary for each driver to have a browser, but using, for example, firefox you can get plug-in addition to the browser. So, firefox will display “hyperlinks on the phone”, the plugin will give the command to carry out the firmware when you click on the number.

I will try to collect most popular and well-applicable resources with free photos that can be useful for designers and webmasters in their work.

Stock.XCHNG – quite big photo bank, which currently contains about 400 thousands photos. To download photos registration is required, but it’s free. Applicability of pictures you’ll find there is quite good.

Dreamstime – the best and one of most popular photo stock. Many people think that all the pictures on Dreamstime are almost shareware (available for ridiculous price of 1 to 5 $), but in fact, the site has a special section where you can download great pictures of high quality for free.

Free countrryside stock photos - also quite an interesting resource. The website is quite new but rather promising. It’s handy to surf it and it seems it has good photographers working with it. You can also check Free stock photos blog where you can find some tips and tricks on how to make photos of high quality.

Stockvault – this photostock caught my eye recently. There are not many pictures, but I come across quite good photos, so I can not pass it by. As far as they are applicable, decide for yourself. After all, everyone has his own feeling of what is bad and what is good.

WallpaperStock – this is not a photostock in the full meaning of this word, but on this site you can find a lot of useful images, which can be very successfully applied in designs. Recommend adding it to your bookmarks.

There are many directories you can submit your website into. The problem is that the vast majority of them do not bring the desired result. Significant effect can be achieved only when you submit website on reputable sites of high quality.

How to make submission quickly and efficiently and where to find directories of high quality?

There are several effective ways. You can buy a base of directories, order the registration of your site or to search for directories online. Each method of has some disadvantages, as well as its advantages.

When you do not have much experience in building directories list, it is best to order this service from others. There are many resources that allow you to quickly and efficiently register a site in directories. Many of them either overestimate the cost of such a method of site promotion, or simply submit your site in every possible catalog, most of which are just useless. As for me, I’ve found a place of best value for money paid - Web Directory List UK.

Directory submission services

There are lots of really good services that provide such services. However, some of them just try to cash in on inexperienced optimizers just beginning to promote their sites.

By registering your site in this way, you save time and efforts. However, it is necessary to pay a little bit. But you can concentrate on other methods of promotion.

Your independent search

If you decide to search for directories and register your site in them search engines may help you. Simply enter a query such as “directory sites” or “add a site”. And then follow the links and see if it suits you or not. Prefer quality directories relevant to your niche. There’s nothing better than manual directory submission.

This method of registration involves large expenditures of time and efforts. But you will learn how to quickly determine whether to spend your valuable time and add a link to your project or not.

Build your own base of directory sites

In automatic mode you simply fill the registration key field, then the program does everything alone. Don’t forget to evaluate the effectiveness of your base from the perspective of other optimizers.

Which method of directory submission to choose – you have to decide by yourself.